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A Valentine's Day On-Wheels Package For Those Who Want A Hassle-Free Romantic Evening

Ok, first-off...Is it really almost Valentine’s Day already?!

Feels like just yesterday we were cleaning up our decor from the holiday's and now boom! Regardless of your feelings on the annual "Hallmark holiday", many people take the opportunity to show that little extra bit of love to their significant other on February 14th by doing something special, which is a BIG night for Atlantic City area businesses…then there are others that will stop at the pharmacy on their way home from work to get that last dying bouquet from the cooler, eh, to each their own.

Personally, I enjoy experiences, so during some of my social media scrolling I discovered that a local limousine company right here in Atlantic City, Elite Limousine & Executive Transportation is offering a "Valentine's Day On Wheels" package, here are the deets:

  • 4hr black car or limousine rental(prices vary)

  • Roses, Champagne & Chocolate in the car upon pickup

  • They will reserve the table at a restaurant of your choice for you.

The restaurant bill will still obviously be on you, however they'll basically take care of everything else. Imagine getting gussied up, then receiving a text from your driver that they're outside, and seeing your partner's face when they realize you won't be fighting traffic or looking for parking on the busiest date night of the year!

I don't know about you, but having the "set it and forget it" treatment a-la Ron Popeil is something that I really like the idea of, especially in a time where literally everything is stressful (imagine running an entertainment and event website during a pandemic!)

*sips mimosa at 7am*

Ok, where was I? Oh right. The 'Valentine's Day On Wheels' package by Elite can be requested by visiting the page on their site or simply calling 844-818-6073 and asking about it. From what I understand, the package availability is limited so don't wait until February 12th to call and leave a deposit or book the experience in full. You know who you are. I've used Elite Limousine before and they are always on-point for punctuality, customer service and (most importantly) cleanliness of their vehicles. Give them a shout if you need a ride for Valentine's Day or ANY time (they specialize in airport shuttles to ACY and PHL as well), for that hassle-free ride to-and-from wherever you wanna go!

Check Out Elite Limousine & Executive Transportation:

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